Computer Science


Android anti theft for mobile phone using F-secure
Bank Account Tracker
Bus Tracker Application
Android Application for Call Taxi Booking
File Transfer Using Android with AES
Restaurant Information and Control Methods
The Quick Ambulance Search using Google Map
Online Banking Using Android With Network Security
Shooting game in andriod
Work/Life Balance and Smartphones
Advanced gps location finder to identify hospital and ATM locations
Android - event scheduler / reminder
Expenses managing applications
Location based alarm system
Creating a text editor
Unit converter application
Google location finder / identifier
Android leave management system
Android student result analyzing system
Android shopping location identifier
Live data streaming in notification service
Friend mapper on mobiles - friend locator
Mobile travel guide - a smart way to travel
Gps - location alert system
Design and development of car parking and automatic billing application
Micro credit banking on smart phone
Bank account tracker application
Bus reservation system
Multi user mobile bluetooth two way text chat
Restaurant table order management system
A mobile phone based medicine in-take reminder and monitor
Cloudmov: cloud-based mobile social tv
Student attendance tracking system
Tollgate payment system in android
Company security information system
Credit card management system
Display location when calling
Rental house web portal
Automated control system for air pollution detection in vehicles
Real-time street parking availability estimation
Campus assistant application on an android platform
Rfid-based location system for forest search and rescue missions
Performance assessment of aided global navigation satellite system for land navigation
An efficient mobile gps navigator, tracker and altimeter system for location based
Locking and unlocking of theft vehicles using can (theft control system)
Secure sms messaging in android device
Weather reader through sms using android
Android mobile contact details locking system
50 Effective risk communication for android apps
51 Face-to-face proximity estimation using bluetooth on smartphones



1 Advertisement Agency
2 Agent-Based Information Push Mechanism
3 Airline Reservation System
4 Bank Account Validator
5 Book Rental System
6 Budget Approval System
7 Bug Tracking System
8 Complaint Management System
9 Content Management System
10 Countering Distributed Denial Of Service
11 Defect Tracking System
12 Detection Of Phishing Web Pages
13 Ecommerce Storefront Application
14 E-Post Office System
15 E-Separation System
16 Family Connection
17 Internet Banking
18 Intranet Employee Transfer Application
19 Library Maintenance System
20 Lost Articles And Letters Reconciliation System
21 Matrix Factorization And Personalizing Search
22 Online Application For The Training And Placement
23 Online Auctioning Shop
24 Online Carrier Guidance And Placement Unit
25 Online Course Portal
26 Online Help Desk
27 Online Intranet Knowledge Management System
28 Online Leave Management System
29 Online On-Request Courses Coordination System
30 Online Sales And Inventory Maintenance System
31 Online Testing System
32 Product Master Maintenance
33 Purchase Request Approval System
34 Receiving Orders For Printing Digital Photographs
35 Recipe Management System
36 Resume Builder Application
37 Search Engine For Alumni Of College
38 Secure Internet Banking System
39 School Maintenance System
40 Speed Cash System
41 Split Screen Application For The Data Entry Of The Shipments
42 Stationery Maintenance System
43 Ticket Reservation System
44 Time Table Generation System
45 Web Based Meeting Scheduler
46 Web Traffic Analyzer
47 Computer Spare Parts Maintenance System
48 Customer Relation Management System (CRM)
49 Online Auction With Featured Shopping Cart
50 Tourism and Travel Management System
51 Matrimonial And Marriage Information Services Implementation


1 Phishtester: Automatic Testing Of Phishing Attacks
2 Workflow Scheduling System Based On Hybrid Algorithm Qpso
3 Multi Codeword Ranked Pursuit Over Encrypted Data Using Trse
4 Online Workflow Scheduling System Based On Hybrid Algorithm Qpso
5 Online Passport Issuing System
6 Secure Online Voting Using Mac Address Verification
7 Relation database and spam detection
8 Credit card fraud detection using hidden markov model
9 Corporate recruitment system
10 E-fraud, state of the art and counter measures
11 Voice based automated transport enquiry system
12 Resilient online coverage for surveillance applications
13 Proxy server - design and implementation
14 Improving utilization of infrastructure clouds
15 Distributed cache updating for dynamic source routing protocol
16 Stealthy attacks in wireless ad hoc networks
17 Multiauctioneer progressive auction for dynamic spectrum access
18 Secure optimal cyclic cryptographic system
19 Continuous monitoring of distance-based range queries
20 Network analyzer and; network monitoring tool using snmp
21 Dynamic character and; pattern recognition using neural networks
22 Location aided routing in mobile adhoc networks for secured routing
23 Enabling public verifiability and data dynamics for storage security in cloud computing
24 Grid information retrieval system
25 Multiple routing configurations for fast ip network recovery
26 Data mining implementation for credit cards application processing system
27 Vertical market information providing system implementation
28 Material forecasting and management solution
29 Script identification through temporal sequence of the strokes
30 Pensioner system secured with bio – metric sensors
31 portfolio manager implementation
32 Inter office messaging system – ioms, office automation system
33 Web based matrimonial services, a desi matrimony web portal
34 Inter group communication of cued click points
35 Online body shopping system with auto mailing feature
36 Ntelli shopping cart and assistant system
37 Online VRS - vehicle reservation system
38 Distributed web service for on-line coursework submission
39 Document archival management system electronic archival design
40 Remote electricity billing system automation and implementation.
41 Dynamic college information system and; data integrity maintenance
42 Computerized system for extracting abstract from the given source document,
43 abstract solutions
44 Customer acceptance of internet banking
45 E-career and consultancy service online
46 E-governance design and implementation system
47 E-approach and implementation of hotel management system
48 Online event management with featured install system
49 Online hospital info system with interactive services universal medical portal with adviser
50 Digital water marking for video piracy detection
51 Distributed file sharing system for peer to peer networks



1 A Relation-Based Page Rank Algorithm for Semantic Web
2 A Secured Cost Effective in Secure Payment Gateway
3 Advance Text Editor/creator
4 Ad Agency For Advertisement
5 Automated ATM Verification and Tracking System
6 Automated Finding and Fixing Query Resolver.
7 Beyond Output Voting Detecting Compromised Replicas
8 Blood Bank Search Engine System
9 Brute Force Attack on Secured Mailing System
10 Business Procedures for BSNL Office Automation Process
11 Bus-Pass Reservation and Renewal System
12 Cloud Security Cloud Computing Against Http-Dos and Xml-Dos Attacks
13 Collecting Eye and Patient Care
14 Computer Aided Bus Ticket Reservation System
15 Course Selection and Registration System
16 Courier Information and Delivery Process
17 Crime Automation and Reporting System
18 Customer Acceptance of Internet Banking Integrating Trust and Quality
19 Customer and Product Satisfaction Analysis
20 Dance School Organisation Management System
21 Decision Support System for a Jewellery Shop
22 Department Store Analyst and Management System
23 Distributed Security Using Multivariate Correlation Analysis
24 Dynamic Rendering of Content that includes Query Expressions
25 Automation for Car Dealers
26 Perfect Career and Consultancy Service
27 Computerized employee performance and training system
28 Employee Performance Analysis In Department Store
29 En-Code and De-Code for Unique Person
30 Enriched Tools for Visa System
31 En-Route Filtering Scheme in Wireless Network
32 Vehicle Monitoring and Security System
33 Financial Controlling and maintenance System
34 Food Ordering Catering Department Process
35 Functionality Website with Dynamic Performance
36 Geo Spatial Distributed Information System
37 Human Resource Management In IT Company
38 Identifying Visitors System Using College
39 Identifying Visitors Using Computer Development
40 Integrated Cargo Tracking and Security System
41 Integrated For Controlling College Admission In Online
42 Inter Group Communication Of Cued Click Points Using Graphical
43 Learner and Trainer Interface Network Maintenance
44 Leave Approval System By Using MNC’Based Company Customization
45 Models Of Representation In Share Market Using Graph
46 Movement-Assisted Connectivity Restoration
47 Multi Real Estate Business Processing System
48 Multi Store Distributed Transaction Portal
49 Multiuser Security System In Transport In During Critical And Abnormal Condition
50 News Paper Proclamination Monitoring and Reporting System
51 Nutritional Aspects Maintenance In Hotel Industry
52 On-Line Insurance Policy Service
53 Optimal Design Of A Forced Circulation Solar Water Heating System
54 Outsourced Similarity Search On Metric Data Warehousing
55 Pensioner System Secured With Biometrics
56 Pipe Manufacturing In Automated System
57 Predicting The Future For Disability Persons
58 Product Lost and Getting Data
59 Product Transaction System Within Department Store
60 Protection Of Database Security
61 Quantum Key Distribution Protocols
62 Ration Store Information maintenance Service
63 Regenerative Mineral Water Plant
64 Restaurant Information And Control Methods
65 Scalable And Secure Sharing Of Personal Health
66 Semantic Portal The Lathe Approach
67 Single to Multiple Server Security by using Cloud Computing Technique
68 Smart Methods Of Placing, Purchasing And Monitoring Internet Advertising
69 Employee Interaction using Social Networking
70 Specifying Application-Level Security In Workflow Systems
71 Inter Group Communication of Cude Click Points using Graphical Password
72 Data Hiding Management in Audio
73 Energy-Efficient Clustering and combined Authentication Multi level Access Control
74 Time Table Scheduling and problem Solving
75 Traveline Journey planner


1 A Land Evaluation Decision Support Process For Agricultural Soil Protection
2 Advance Text Editor/Creator
3 Advocate General Crop
4 Agro Chemicals & Solutions
5 Airline Simulator For Optimizing Reservation System
6 Allocating Blood To Hospitals From Blood Bank
7 Apartment Automation Process
8 ATM Analysis and Management Process
9 Attire For Analyzing Transactions
10 Auction Information And Sales Property Analysis
11 Automated Finding And Fixing Query Resolver
12 Bank Approval For Real Time Loan
13 Building Construction And Cost Estimation Process
14 Centralized Control For Automobiles
15 Citizenship Card For Indians With Universal Product Code
16 City Bus Time Table Administration
17 Civil Supplies Management System
18 Client Server Based Live Meeting
19 Club Member Information System
20 Collecting Eye And Patient Care
21 College Automation Processing
22 College Placement Organization
23 Company Information Tracking System
24 Computer Spare Parts Automation
25 Computer-Based Examination Process
26 Computerized Temple Management Process
27 Courier Tracking And Distribution System
28 Course Selection and Registration System
29 Credit Card Management System
30 Customer Data Provided In A Car Showroom
31 Customer Perceptions Of Service Quality In Shopping
32 Dental Clinic Management System
33 Department Store Transaction ocess
34 Electronic Funds Transfer
35 Electronic Shopping And Merchandising System
36 Employee- Payroll And Benefits Administration
37 Employee Performance Analysis In Department Store
38 Financial Advisory For Chit Processing
39 Garment Industry Development Corporation
40 Greeting Card Management System
41 High Way Tool Gate Toll Collecting System
42 Hospital Automation System
43 Hostel Administration System
44 Human Resource For Sports Recreation
45 Income Tax Estimation For E-Filing
46 Insurance Policy Automation System
47 Integrated For Controlling College Information
48 Integrated Cargo Security Processing
49 Integrated Library For Virtual Communication
50 Jewellery Shop Transaction Analysis



Course Highlights

Project abstracts,diagrams and flowcharts
Project working procedure
Documents related to all the components used in the projects
Project confirmation letter and completion certificate