Excellence academy offers various courses for the all round needs of an engineering student. Our prime concentration is on imparting the technical ideology to students so that they can learn every subject in a conceptual way.We are the only academy in Kerala which includes gate exam topics in classes and solve previous questions from various competitive exams so that our students are capable of achieving much more than the rest of them.

For students who feel difficult in understanding certain subjects of their respective trade, we have our unique method of splitting the total syllabus into many divisions thereby simplifying things and making students confident in writing university exams. Our exclusive study materials prepared by IIT and NIT professors help them achieve the same with ease. It's of no doubt why excellence remains the best institute in Kerala for B-Tech tuitions.

Students all around Kerala choose Excellence project training center for their final year B-Tech projects. We have the best workshop facility in Kerala for the fabrication of mechanical projects and the best labs for electronics projects.Our expert faculty team helps and motivate them in the right direction till they achieve their goals.

In today's challenging world students with good potential are getting placed into good companies through campus placements and various competitive exams. So in order to make them prepare we offer various job oriented courses along with their curriculum. We organize career guidance seminars for our students to understand the direction they need to proceed.Being the best in Trivandrum (and of course Kerala) for B-Tech Tuition comes naturally to us @ Excellence Institutes as our golden rule is to engender simplicity in our teaching methods.We are the ONLY B-tech Tuition Centre in Trivandrum & Kerala to teach with Techniques that guarantees good grades. Our top-rated faculty for all subjects make sure to construct, refurbish or just polish your subject skills. With such great techniques and faculty, there is no reason to look for any other b tech coaching centre in Trivandrum beyond Excellence.We lower the bar for our engineering students and raise it for our competitors i.e other btech tuition centers.

Before any other B-Tech tuition centre in Trivandrum (or Kerala) could even think of matching our level (of course, by copying us), we raise our standards so much that even dreaming about our coaching levels becomes next only to impossibility.With the most number of Engineering top results in Trivandrum and Kerala it is no wonder that our btech tuition classes are most sought-after by aspirants from all over Kerla. In short, if you are looking for the best btech academy in Trivandrum, Kerala your search ends here as btech tuition has become synonymous with Excellence Engineering Academy.